IRON-MIND 6-week Master class course

Having the right mindset is fundamental for sporting success. Think.believe.perform. 6-video IRON-MIND course has been developed for Ironman and other endurance athletes to enhance their psychological approach to training and racing. IRON-MIND is structured on evidence-based research and experience in sport psychology consultancy. The videos deliver a sequential framework to improve your mindset in preparation for your long-distance event and are linked to downloadable, practical activities to undertake in your own time between each session.

With Lucy Gossage

IRON-MIND combines the real-life experiences from 14 x Iron distance champion Lucy Gossage, who shares the impact sports psychology had on her career, with the knowledge and experience of an applied chartered sport psychologist Helen Davis, who has worked with many Ironman and endurance athletes.

think.believe.perform. IRON-MIND is unique and you will not find a more comprehensive sport psychology programme to help you prepare psychologically for your race.
10 great reasons to sign up
  1. Work on the often forgotten fourth discipline; training your mind
  2. Build and develop psychological skills video-by-video
  3. Watch videos at your pace and apply skills day-to-day
  4. Hear from pro-Ironman athletes Joe Skipper, Susie Cheetham and Laura Siddall alongside amateur Ironman athletes
  5. Learn how Lucy Gossage incorporated sport psychology into her training
  6. 16 downloadable activities that complement each video
  7. Tips on how to add mindset training into your weekly plan
  8. Increase performance self-awareness and knowledge of thinking types
  9. Psychological strategies from evidence-based research
  10. All from two experienced professionals in their respective fields
think.believe.perform. IRON-MIND sport psychology video course

Designed to give you the best in psychological preparation for your Iron distance race.
At present our videos are currently being edited, but we can tell you that each video will be approximately 20 - 30 minutes long.

Plan, Approach, Challenge
  • Learn how to set effective goals
  • Develop a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Discover how psychology can affect your race
  • Gain a better understanding of self
  • Establish what type of thinker you are

Video length: 20 minutes
Activities to complete: 3

Noticing, Thinking, Restructuring
  • Learn to identify any limiting beliefs
  • Gain knowledge of destructive thinking patterns
  • Learn to challenge and dispute your limiting beliefs
  • Understand how to restructure your thinking
  • Establish effective thinking rules

Video length: 19 minutes
Activities to complete: 2

Confidence, Strengths, Beliefs
  • Develop your resources to create a ‘challenge’ state
  • Monitor your confidence - take a test
  • Identify your sources of confidence
  • Tap into your strengths
  • Increase your focus on what you can achieve

Video length: 17 minutes
Activities to complete: 4

Control, Self-Talk, Present
  • Gain knowledge of how effective self-talk can help you
  • Learn different self-talk strategies to practice and use in your race
  • Bring control to your thinking
  • Learn to direct your focus to achievement
  • Manage negative thinking effectively

Video length: 20 minutes
Activities to complete: 3

Focus, Derailers, Concentration
  • Learn 3- key components to enhance your focus
  • Discover and explore your potential derailers
  • Prepare an effective planning strategy for coping
  • Gain awareness of potential distractors
  • Establish re-focus and concentration strategies

Video length: 23 minutes
Activities to complete: 2

Planning, Support, Race Day
  • Review and reflect key elements of psychological improvement covered
  • Develop and structure your own a pre-race psychological plan
  • Collate individualised psychological elements
  • Acknowledge and recognise the value of support systems
  • Prepare psychologically for race day

And finally..  Learn Lucy Gossage’s secret weapon for success!

Video length: 24 minutes
Activities to complete: 2

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£120 for all 6 videos (£20 per video and activities).