IRON-MIND 6-week Master class course

Having the right mindset is fundamental for sporting success. Think.believe.perform. 6-video IRON-MIND course has been developed for Ironman and other endurance athletes to enhance their psychological approach to training and racing. IRON-MIND is structured on evidence-based research and experience in sport psychology consultancy. The videos deliver a sequential framework to improve your mindset in preparation for your long-distance event and are linked to downloadable, practical activities to undertake in your own time between each session.

With Lucy Gossage

IRON-MIND combines the real-life experiences from 14 x Iron distance champion Lucy Gossage, who shares the impact sports psychology had on her career, with the knowledge and experience of an applied chartered sport psychologist Helen Davis, who has worked with many Ironman and endurance athletes.

think.believe.perform. IRON-MIND is unique and you will not find a more comprehensive sport psychology programme to help you prepare psychologically for your race.
10 great reasons to sign up
  1. Work on the often forgotten fourth discipline; training your mind
  2. Build and develop psychological skills video-by-video
  3. Watch videos at your pace and apply skills day-to-day
  4. Hear from pro-Ironman athletes Joe Skipper, Susie Cheetham and Laura Siddall alongside amateur Ironman athletes
  5. Learn how Lucy Gossage incorporated sport psychology into her training
  6. 16 downloadable activities that complement each video
  7. Tips on how to add mindset training into your weekly plan
  8. Increase performance self-awareness and knowledge of thinking types
  9. Psychological strategies from evidence-based research
  10. All from two experienced professionals in their respective fields
think.believe.perform. IRON-MIND sport psychology video course

Designed to give you the best in psychological preparation for your Iron distance race.


Plan, Approach, Challenge
  • Learn how to set effective goals
  • Develop a clear sense of purpose and direction
  • Discover how psychology can affect your race
  • Gain a better understanding of self
  • Establish what type of thinker you are

Video length: 20 minutes
Activities to complete: 3

Noticing, Thinking, Restructuring
  • Learn to identify any limiting beliefs
  • Gain knowledge of destructive thinking patterns
  • Learn to challenge and dispute your limiting beliefs
  • Understand how to restructure your thinking
  • Establish effective thinking rules

Video length: 19 minutes
Activities to complete: 2

Confidence, Strengths, Beliefs
  • Develop your resources to create a ‘challenge’ state
  • Monitor your confidence - take a test
  • Identify your sources of confidence
  • Tap into your strengths
  • Increase your focus on what you can achieve

Video length: 17 minutes
Activities to complete: 4

Control, Self-Talk, Present
  • Gain knowledge of how effective self-talk can help you
  • Learn different self-talk strategies to practice and use in your race
  • Bring control to your thinking
  • Learn to direct your focus to achievement
  • Manage negative thinking effectively

Video length: 20 minutes
Activities to complete: 3

Focus, Derailers, Concentration
  • Learn 3- key components to enhance your focus
  • Discover and explore your potential derailers
  • Prepare an effective planning strategy for coping
  • Gain awareness of potential distractors
  • Establish re-focus and concentration strategies

Video length: 23 minutes
Activities to complete: 2

Planning, Support, Race Day
  • Review and reflect key elements of psychological improvement covered
  • Develop and structure your own a pre-race psychological plan
  • Collate individualised psychological elements
  • Acknowledge and recognise the value of support systems
  • Prepare psychologically for race day

And finally..  Learn Lucy Gossage’s secret weapon for success!

Video length: 24 minutes
Activities to complete: 2

I found the IRON-MIND programme incredibly valuable and powerful. Having had the benefit of interviewing some of the worlds top ultra-runners, coaches and professional Ironman athletes, one common trait is that at least 50% of your success in endurance sport is mental, and yet very few of us spend any time training that system. This series of videos and exercises gives you techniques to build your mental strength to that you can achieve your full potential. You can use it time and again in the build-up to each race, to best prepare yourself mentally for the challenge. I will certainly be going through this prior to each big race.Charlie Reading
Charlie ReadingIronman and founder of Tribeathlon
I have found the IRON-MIND course extremely helpful. It was a great combination to have Helen explain the sport psychology side and for Lucy to provide the real-world application within her sport. I loved hearing all the examples of what other athletes would say in answer to some of the tasks/questions. It really brings everything to life but also makes you feel connected to others in the thoughts and feelings shared. The information is explained really well. A lot is covered but everything feels like it moves at a really good pace and it doesn't feel overwhelming. The course gives you really practical steps you can take to build into your training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to develop their psychological skills and go into their endurance event feeling fully prepared. I wish in particular I had had this course when I did my first Ironman!Hannah Winter
Hannah WinterTriathlete
While training hard developed my physical performance, IRON-MIND gave me the tools to draw on my mental resources so that, when the going gets tough on race day, I can get the absolute best out of my fitness. Great performances require confidence, and IRON-MIND helps you find the confidence within yourself that will help you perform to your best ability.Flora Colledge
Flora ColledgeExtreme triathlete, winner of 2020 Patagonman and Swissman.
This course is a fabulous way to get your mindset in gear for any upcoming race, not just your Iron Man triathlon. The videos set out the learning for each module and then the activity worksheets consolidate what you have to do to implement your new beliefs and behaviours. I think it is well worth taking the time to work on your best psychological performance as this will not only have a huge impact on your race performance but also your the enjoyment of the whole training process and with an Iron Man this can often be a long time! I also believe that the mindset skills learnt on the course will apply to many every day situations at work or in your personal life.Fiona Carter
Fiona CarterAge group duathlete
This course is a fantastic tool that will definitely produce results if you commit to it. While sport is the obvious arena to put it into practice, its benefits will drip into every area of your life. Highly recommended.Simon Mundie
Simon MundieBBC presenter and host of Radio 4 podcast 'Don't Tell Me The Score'
“I’ve got a bit more time than normal for online courses, and working through IRON-MIND really underlined how much can be done in terms of specific psychological planning once it’s safe for us all to race again. The ability to reframe goals is particularly important to help us get through this period of uncertainty.”Helen Gorman
Helen GormanMasters Swimming World Record holder
“I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course.  It was practical, I loved the rationality from a coaching point of view. A fantastic tool for everyone so give it a crack!”Bevan James Eyles
Bevan James EylesIronman triathlete from 2003-2009 now one of New Zealand’s top group fitness instructors
“It’s a really fantastic tool for Ironman athletes…I highly recommend it”John Newsom
John Newsomlong time triathlete and coach from Christchurch, New Zealand
“IRON-MIND is a fantastic resource for any triathlete looking to enhance their mental skills. The six sessions will guide you through a process of developing evidence-based skills and strategies via a combination of engaging videos and practice tasks. 14 x Iron Distance Champion Lucy Gossage provides insights into her integration of these strategies into routine training plans that help bring their benefit to life. As a psychologist working in healthcare and elite sport, I believe that the IRON-MIND programme will provide you will a useful grounding in commonly utilised psychological skills that are beneficial for sport and beyond.”Dr Charlotte Hilton
Dr Charlotte HiltonBPS Chartered Psychologist

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£120 for all 6 videos (£20 per video and activities).