Whether you have ambitions, competitive goals in mind, want to improve your performance or simply want to participate more in sport Helen can support you in a number of ways:

  1. Outreach: writing for magazines or giving talks, workshops, lectures about sport psychology and what athletes of all levels can do to improve performances.
  2. Performance strategy: working with individual athletes to teach skills, techniques and strategies to help them perform better.
  3. Performance barriers: working with individual athletes to address specific areas they feel are holding them back.
  4. Team performance: working with teams to provide individual and group support for athletes in creating a team vision, team building and team performance enhancement

Helen works with individuals in mutually convenient locations to provide support to help you achieve your best possible performance. She works with athletes from any sport and any ability.


Helen works with teams to your specific requirements. This might be setting goals, creating a team vision or working on boosting psychological skills for performance.


Helen works with groups, such as school groups, sports clubs and teams to deliver workshops to your specific requirements with interactive activities to promote psychological skills.


Helen can deliver talks to any sporting group or team on areas of your choice to help athletes boost their psychological skills. Take a look at some of the subject areas you could choose from on this page.


Spotlight is a personality profiling tool, designed with performance in mind. Helen can generate your own ‘personality profile’ which will help you develop an understanding of your ‘behavioural style’ and ‘mindset.’ Combining these, will give you a ‘performance preference’ designed to help you connect and thrive in your sport or the workplace.

You will learn to understand your natural preferences but will work on how you might FLEX to connect with others and COPE in order to thrive.

Spotlight is for you, if you want to get the best out of yourself and others. It can help you develop a new way of thinking about performance and people.

Read more about how Spotlight could work for you or your team here in this short e-book.

My individual Spotlight personality profile has helped me understand myself better and look at how my performance preferences can benefit me and my team by using my natural strengths in a positive way. It has helped me reflect and understand how I can be more effective as a player as well as enhance my performance in high pressure moments

Rory Logue, TSM Professional esports player

How can I benefit from Sport Psychology?
Understanding yourself as an athleteit's in your mind
Recovering from an injuryit's in your mind
Assessing your motivationsit's in your mind
Developing pre-performance routinesit's in your mind
Building confidence and self-beliefit's in your mind
Improving your concentrationit's in your mind
assessing your self talkit's in your mind
Relaxationit's in your mind
Improving preparation for eventsit's in your mind
Identifying your strengthsit's in your mind
dealing with team dynamicsit's in your mind
Understanding relationships with coaches, team mates and competitorsit's in your mind
Dealing with pressure situationsit's in your mind
Coping with competitionit's in your mind
Controlling your emotions at key momentsit's in your mind
Setting goalsit's in your mind

Many people spend hours physically training in their sport and rarely any time on the psychological aspect of sport, yet many reasons for success or failure in sport are often attributed to psychological issues:

“I knew I was going to do it” or “I got so nervous, I couldn’t perform to my best”

Taking some time to work on Sport Psychology can make big differences to not just your competitive aspirations but your enjoyment of your sport. It is about getting you into a winning state of body and mind for your sporting performances.

What is my approach?

My consultancy approach aims to get you thinking! By listening to you and how you feel about your sport, I will aim to help you understand how you think, feel and behave and how this can affect the way you perform. The ability to exercise control over your mental and physical states during performance can help you to fulfil your potential. Using evidence-based approaches I can work with you to give you mental tools and techniques to enhance your performance.