Ed Williams

I first attempted to swim between Ireland and Scotland in August 2014 but was unsuccessful due to taking hundreds of jellyfish stings. I was absolutely devastated and the failure affected me for a very long time.

In August 2016 I returned to try again and this time I was successful. I was physically as fit as last time, there were still jellyfish but the big difference was my mind. I had been working with Helen Davis on my psychology and in doing so felt ten times stronger on the day enabling me to succeed and achieve my dream.  I highly recommend Helen to anyone looking to develop their mind to achieve life- changing results in sport.

Ed Williams is a Marathon and Endurance Swimmer. Ed has completed numerous swims including the English Channel, The Irish Channel, Gibraltar Strait and Lake Windermere

Chrissy Lankford

Chrissy and her husband completed the Ötillö which is running, then swimming, then running, then swimming until we completed 49 km of running and 8 km of swimming.

Just wanted to say thanks again, your Psychology course kicked into action during the Ötillö .

They cancelled the longest swim, as it was too cold and replaced it with a 9.8 km run. I thought I was going to cry! Until the thought processes from your course kicked into action, and it was like putting a mental suit of armour on.

Chrissy Lankford is a member of Cambridge Triathlon Club and regularly competes in swimming, biking and running events of all different kinds. The Otillo was one of her hardest challenges yet!

Jo Lockhart

I love open water swimming and last year I decided to swim 10K in the Great North Swim in Windermere. Despite having trained hard, as the date loomed nearer, I began to doubt my ability and my confidence was definitely waning. At this point, I was chosen to participate in Helen’s group sessions. Through the activities she led and group discussions, I began to understand how my mind works during training and competitive sessions. I learnt to recognise my negative thoughts and emotions and put these into context and, if I did not achieve my goals, I was not failing but gaining an experience to build on. By working with others, many of who were highly successful athletes, we shared common anxieties and beliefs and all gained a great deal from the course. I cannot express how grateful I am to Helen for the sessions. Not only did I successfully complete that challenge but have taken the concepts into my training and other events but they have also helped me in my everyday life.

Jo Lockhart has a passion for open water swimming of any kind. Jo has swum in a range of different events with and without a wetsuit and is fearless of the cold!

Lucy Gossage

Helen has helped me to achieve in a year where I’ve been plagued by injuries that, on paper at least, should have stopped me even making the start line of many of my big races. She’s helped me develop mental strategies to cope with adversity, pressure and perhaps most importantly has developed my confidence in my own abilities.

Physical fitness is important, but mental strength is even more so, and I credit all my results in 2016 to a new level of mental toughness that I didn’t have before I started working with Helen. I’ve performed well with injuries that should have stopped me racing, and despite inadequate preparation for most races have managed to develop a new level of inner confidence.

Honestly, I can’t thank Helen enough for her help and I know many of my achievements over the past year probably wouldn’t have happened without her input.

Lucy Gossage is an elite triathlete with too many accolades to her name to mention! 2016 saw Lucy come 9th in the World Championships in Kona 8 weeks after breaking her collar bone. In a season plagued by injury she also won Ironman UK and 70.3 Staffordshire.

Hayley Simmonds

Despite winning the British Time Trial Championship for two consecutive years (2015 & 2016), along with several other National distance titles, I have continued to suffer from a lack of confidence in my ability. Helen has helped me look objectively at my achievements and the pressure I put on myself, providing me with tools to ensure I go into events not only physically prepared but mentally too.

Hayley Simmonds is a record-breaking cyclist. She is the first woman to break the 19 minute barrier recording the fastest ever ten-mile TT record, is the first woman to go under 50 minutes for 25 miles and is the current British National TT Champion.

“I truly have found your sessions life changing in so many ways, I will be forever grateful for your skills”

Jane from Cambridge

Before working with Helen, I was not worthy of self-attributing such a description. I was a bag of nerves with every run, even at the club meets. I was a bit overweight, dissatisfied with my performance as well as my appearance, always at the back of the group, needing to run to the loo before every race, knowing I was not a proper runner and why-oh-why-did-I-even-think-I-was-as-good-as-anybody-else.

After working with Helen I have changed my mindset.

And I’ve changed everything.

I’ve changed the way I think about running, I’ve challenged the demands I place on myself, I’ve understood the consequences of my negative thought processes, I’ve learned to challenge those unhelpful beliefs and better still, practice them on others. I’ve become a better friend and support to my training buddies, a happier runner, a smarter thinker. This has cut across all other aspects of my life too.

As a result, my physique is changing (because I’m more confident with my training), my times are getting better and I’m closer to my goals. I’ve learned that the person I am is quite alright actually. I’ve learned that everyone has a ‘bad day at the office’ now and again. And, although I might not at times be the 10 out of 10 that I’d like, sometimes 8 out of 8 is a sound achievement. Such effective new philosophies have permeated through my daily living.

Before working with Helen, I’d describe myself as a bit of a jogger, and a not-very-good one at that. I’d have been the first person to degrade myself.

My name is Julie, and I am a runner.”