Torpedo Swimtalk Podcast with Helen Davis – UK Masters Swimmer and Sports Psychologist

Today's guest is British Masters Swimmer and Swim England Sports Psychologist - Helen Davis.

We chatted about how sports psychologists can help athletes overcome things like anxiety and loss of confidence.  Many athletes have suffered during the pandemic with a loss of routine in training and life, and Helen had some sage advice for helping dealing with those  issues.  Do you find yourself over or under aroused approaching a race or swim? How can you deal with that?  Music? Thinking routines? All of these strategies can help in optimising performance.

Helen is passionate about masters swimming and swimming in general for that matter. We chatted about her swimming journey, why she likes the masters community so much and how she pivoted her training to outdoors in Britain during a Covid winter lockdown.  Brrr!

I am sure you will take much advice away from listening to this pod with Helen and find it useful in applying it to your own swimming.

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